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"With this collection of short stories Vincent Ciambriello born in Brooklyn, New York, extends his talent as a songwriter into the realms of imaginative fiction. Refreshingly entertaining, his stories are by... Read More

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For 8 years, I worked as a full-time physician (family, emergency, and addic- tion medicine) in the correctional institutes of the Italian province, where I lived with my husband and... Read More

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Literature provides distinct genres and content for its varied audience, one of which is geared towards faith and religion. Beyond the Bible and related documents, literary materials engage and enlighten... Read More

"Vortigern, hiding from his angry master Wizard Sham, is terrified when he hears Sham has found his hiding place. He is saved when he finds a slip of paper, that... Read More

Welcome to! On this website we will share content related to E-commerce, Tech Trends, HeWelcome to! On this website we will share content related to E-commerce, Tech Trends,... Read More