Top Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Meet Dr. Yasmin – Real Life Tooth Fairy
Did you know that pediatric dentists are not the same as regular dentists? This is because pediatric dentists are specialised pediatricians of dentistry who have two or three years additional training and they only treat children. A good pediatric dentist has the advantage of having more experience with children and infants, and specializes in oral care for children and their dental health needs.

However, those of them with some extra super powers who make dentistry for kids not only less scary, but a whole lot of fun, grow into real life tooth fairies!

That is exactly who Dr. Yasmin is – a real life tooth fairy! Her commitment and dedication to pediatric dentistry goes beyond the classroom, not only through the many degrees and certifications she has acquired through her years, but also through sharing children/ parent experiences and collecting a wealth of knowledge and experiences. She is an award-winning dentist and a recognized authority on children’s teeth and health in Dubai, UAE