Cylinder Liner and Cylinder Sleeves | Diesel And Marine Engine

The cylinder liners and cylinder sleeves manufactured are of alloyed cast iron with composition of chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum. The cast iron cylinder liner manufactured by RA Power Solutions contains graphite, which is considered to have good lubricant properties. All cylinder liners stand to guarantee satisfactory performance. The cylinder liners and cylinder sleeves used in high-capacity diesel engines, marine engines, and other applications have far superior material in comparison to the cylindrical block of the diesel engine. The following features of the cylinder liners and cylinder sleeves we manufacture allow us to ensure the long life of the cylinder liners. For additional details about our manufacturing of cylinder headliners, cylinder sleeves for diesel and marine engines, and cylinder liners for diesel engines, please get in touch with us at or, or call us at +91 9582647131 or +91 9810012383.