Best Laptops Evaluated Based On Budget For 2022

Gone are the days when a decent laptop would cost you north of $1,000. It's now possible to pick up a full-sized or ultraportable Windows 11 laptop with a processor powerful enough for home, school, or work use, for $500 or less. You can also find Chromebooks and full-featured hybrid systems that give you both laptop and tablet functionality in one device for less than that.

However, you should be prepared to compromise on one side or the other. While it is certainly possible to find a powerful laptop with a 15-inch screen, you may have to make do with a small keyboard and trackpad. Likewise, you can buy a perfectly executed ultraportable that uses a modest CPU and a small storage drive for a low price. Understanding those trade-offs, and matching the strengths and weaknesses of a budget laptop with what you'll be doing with it, is key to making a happy purchase. This is help. Learn more :