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Extend the life of your hearing aids. Gently removes ear wax, moisture, and dust from hearing aids. Reduces stress and saves on repair and maintenance costs. Lightweight, ergonomic design for ease and comfort. Enhances... Read More

Wakes up hard-of-hearing or heavy sleepers every time! All-in-one alarm clock, timer, and flashlight with snooze function. Wake up with strong vibration, bright flasher, or audio. Large, easy-to-read display. Built-in room temperature sensor. Portable for... Read More

Easily set alarms or smart phone notifications for calls, texts, messages, and social media using the included App. Sleek unit slides comfortably under your pillow; attachable clip keeps it stationary while... Read More

Keep your hearing aid operating like new! Regular use extends the life of expensive hearing aids and cochlear implant processors Uses dry, gentle heat and air convection to dehumidify, refresh, and sanitize. Removes... Read More

Buy portable television speakers for hearing impaired seniors. Eliminate the blaring volume and amplify the sound to hear dialogues more clearly. Order online today! Hear your TV clearly without the... Read More