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A cause of painless or painful catching of the finger or thumb flexor tendon after you bend the digit with a “pop” or locking as you straighten it. On occasion,... Read More

Ankle replacement technology has been improving over recent years. The original ankle replacements performed over 30 years ago were not very successful. Newer technology and experience in ankle replacements has... Read More

Shoulder arthroscopy Surgery in Patancheru

It is an operation usually performed under general anaesthesia. A small camera is placed into the joint through a small incision. This allows the tissues of the shoulder to be... Read More

Hip Arthroscopy Surgery in Patancheru

Arthroscopy of the hip joint is a “keyhole” procedure for the treatment of multiple pathologies of the hip joint without large incisions. It allows a faster return to sporting and... Read More

Arthroscopy Surgeon in Patancheru

Knee replacement is an operation that is performed principally to relieve pain from an arthritic knee. Although the range of motion of a knee may improve following surgery, this is... Read More

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Regain Bone & Joint Care Clinic is committed to changing and improving the lives of patients by providing exceptional orthopedic care through innovative technology, ongoing research, evidence-based practice, quality, and... Read More

Our preference is to perform an open carpal tunnel release. This is through an incision that is usually less than 2cm long in the palm, between the muscles on either... Read More

Foot & Ankle Surgeon in Patancheru

Ankle arthroscopy is keyhole surgery used to treat a variety of ankle problems. It is commonly used to treat and assess problems such as: Ankle bony ‘spurs’ (osteophytes). Loose bodies (chips of... Read More

Shoulder Replacement Surgeon in Patancheru

Shoulder stiffness may occur without any history of injury. This is often called adhesive capsulitis. The shoulder may also become painful and stiff following trauma or shoulder surgery, where the... Read More

Hip Replacement Surgeon in Patancheru

Arthritis of the hip joint is a common condition. It usually affects middle-age and older people resulting in over 40,000 hip replacements being performed in Australia per year to relieve... Read More